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The Sacred Chao
25 January 2009 @ 02:52 pm

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The Sacred Chao
11 June 2003 @ 07:15 pm
This is an old entry, but the last one that used to be unlocked. My LJ is friendslocked, but if you want to be added to my friendslist, or contact me for other reasons, drop me a comment here!
I promise I bite only trolls and stalkers. :D

The Sacred Chao
09 May 2003 @ 07:43 pm

Look at this pic, it's probably the biggest collage i've done yet ^.^;;;;;;;;;

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The Sacred Chao
09 May 2003 @ 12:23 am
red and blue blue metal stairs straight up Staircase and neon lights

The cineplex near the train station. quite ugly, but good for some quite cool effects (i especially love the blue stair, the colors are originally out of my cam and were not digitally amended in any way!)

living in a glass house night and day

The glass house (campus).

salzburg panorama, taken some time ago. yes, i still hate this city...
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The Sacred Chao

*ow my hand* 6:27 hours of oekaki'ing >.<

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The Sacred Chao
02 May 2003 @ 12:41 am


#lothDSG for today, though it's a bit of a spoiler for all those of you (not that there would be any) who read aurora city...

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The Sacred Chao
26 April 2003 @ 12:12 am
#lothDSG for today:
Moon deity

Topic: Moon deity suggested by me because I drew one in some particularly boring lesson today: HERE is the picture (I used as a reference in the other one).


Another pic I drew in this lesson: a rather gothy harlequin. Yes, there is color in that picture. red and blue. XD

oh, and because nowhere wanted to see how I work, I scanned some practice doodles I do of my colleagues in lessons when I'm bored too (one wonders!) but don't feel too inspired:
Sketch #1
Sketch #2
Sketch #3
Sketch #4

Oh, and another woof piccie, but not too good (and I had to ink it too, because the lines were all blurred :P)

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The Sacred Chao
23 April 2003 @ 06:44 pm

Silberpfeil, Timo with his dragon wings, and a random shaman doodle. Yay for noxians!

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The Sacred Chao
23 April 2003 @ 03:31 pm

new piccie of an old character. coulda used more personality, but hey, not bad for a first try. oh yeah, he's a black wolf (not that it shows). name translates to black feather. and he is king, yo! and the skinnyness and long-leggedness is intentional.

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The Sacred Chao
21 April 2003 @ 07:22 pm
#LothDSG for today: Gift from a Stranger.
Gift from a Stranger

You know you've played too much Riven, again: (Hue adaption, now it looks like the glowing waters of the city lake)
Red waters


You know you've played too much Monkey Island...
cemetary entrance</a>

Luckily, this thing was empty >.<

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The Sacred Chao
You know you've been playing too much Riven when...
stairs riven stairs windrose 1 windrose 2
another riven-like stair windrose 3 riven lamp broken bridge
broken bridge 2

moi moi 2

Ye olde Fisherman:

Zee Wildlife.
baaa lizzrd

Misc other holiday pics.
stone entrance lifebuoy 1 lifebuoy 2 watery water
watery water 2 falls nightly lit palm tree</a> tire fender
tire fender 2 fishnets ferry

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The Sacred Chao
11 April 2003 @ 03:16 pm

The Sacred Chao
11 April 2003 @ 11:39 am

Penny Fanart, #1, and because I wondered how exactly she got that patch and costume:

The Sacred Chao
10 April 2003 @ 01:29 am
from my first #lothDSG session:

the 30min piccie, and

the inked piccie.

Yes, I rushed the hind leg. >.< scales... erk... now I remember why I don't have dragons in my loth gallery... eeewwwww.

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The Sacred Chao
05 April 2003 @ 02:32 am

...and if anybody goes for any conjunctivitis joke I'll set the wolfie on 'im when his mutation is complete

Oh yes, partly inspired by a certain #loth hottie ^^


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The Sacred Chao
02 April 2003 @ 11:02 pm

requests for the lizzrd.

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The Sacred Chao
01 April 2003 @ 12:35 am
I don't care

I feel like a complete blank, but what can I say? I've just been hanging out not getting anything done. Not much on my mind lately, but such is life. My life's been completely dull lately.

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The Sacred Chao
23 March 2003 @ 10:49 pm
*back aching* I haven't typed as many ISBN numbers since I worked as school librarian...

Anyway, my Bookcrossing.com shelf is now updated!

my complete booklist now...Collapse )

your friendly neighbourhood orang-utan.
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The Sacred Chao
16 March 2003 @ 07:13 pm
Just so you know...

I just released a book on BookCrossing.

Please join!

I love the concept.